New Orleans Kitchen

17 Huang Gang Sixth Street. Behind Jin Hai Mai (Golden Seahorse) Furniture Mall. Line 7, Exit E or turn right from Yitian Lu to Huang Ting Shi Ji Apartments da menkou

Minimum order: RMB 80
Delivery Fee: RMB 10

Type of food: American
Delivery Time: 05:00pm - 09:30pm

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More about New Orleans Kitchen

New Orleans Kitchen is the only authentic Cajun and creole restaurant which was owned and operated by natives of New Orleans in Shenzhen. 

New Orleans Kitchen serve a number of creole dishes. An example of creole is Jambalaya. Louisiana Creole cuisine is a style of cooking originating in Louisiana, United States which blends French, Spanish, West African, Amerindian, German, Italian and Irish influences, as well as influences from the general cuisine of the Southern United States.

New Orleans is also the birthplace of jazz music - and the birthplace of Louis Armstrong – who remains today the most influential figure in jazz music. 
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Delivery Hours

  • 05:00pm - 09:30pm
  • 05:00pm - 09:30pm
  • 05:00pm - 09:30pm
  • 05:00pm - 09:30pm
  • 05:00pm - 09:30pm
  • 05:00pm - 09:30pm

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